Gate Guard Corp mission is acquiring sponsorship rights from municipal and private parking lot ownership groups for the purpose of developing revenue generating programs for these facilities to reduce expenses and rates for use by regional and local residents. Our mandate is to present these programs to the LOCAL AND REGIONAL business community for affordable access to high traffic areas that traditionally have been the domain of NATIONAL Advertisers.

Gate Guard Revenue and Sponsorship Program Authorized by


  • Gate Guard ™ padded sleeves have been designed to increase awareness of the GATE ARMS to reduce Pedestrian Injuries, Vehicle damage, Insurance Claims and Gate Replacement costs.

  • Gate Guard ™ padded sleeves have been designed to create SPECIAL EVENT Messaging opportunities and NEW LOCAL BUSINESS SPONSORSHIP opportunities to INCREASE REVENUES.

  • Gate Guard ™ operations team will custom manufacturer our patent pending Gate Guard Sleeve to the size of Gates at your properties.
  • Gate Guard ™ sales team will present our new Gate Guard Sponsorship Program to the Local business community to access your location traffic.
  • Gate Guard ™ design team will create artwork for Local Business Client and submit to your administration for FINAL approval.
  • Gate Guard ™ administration will not allow any organization to exchange any current support to participate in our program and will offer all existing supporters first right to join our program.
  • Gate Guard ™ operations will notify your facility to schedule supervised installation of the Gate Guard Sleeves.
  • Gate Guard ™ operations will monitor and have 30-day inspections for quality control of Gate Guard Sleeve conditions. (we have a 72 hour replacement system)
  • Gate Guard ™ Program is 100% HANDS FREE and 100% NO COST
  • For any additional questions, please contact us.

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